Do you think Libra is a threat or an opportunity for Gooddollar?

Zuck has spoken in favor of considering some kind of UBI as necessary in the future.


Well, Libra is probably a defining project in the history of cryptocurrencies. As such, it is definitely an opportunity for the entire ecosystem, and naturally raises a lot of concerns and questions regarding Facebook’s involvement in it.

As GoodDollar is based on the crypto ecosystem, I think the question is first and foremost how Libra will affect the blockchain world as a whole.

In first read of the Libra website and the whitepaper, I haven’t found so far anything related to UBI, but you are very right that Zuck has spoken a lot about it in recent years.


There are already a testnet and tools shared for developers to try. And Pchain Blockchain has already planned to make crosschain interoperability with Libra so in my humble opinion it’s important to make a clear distinction between the UBI application and the Blockchain medium used by the application.
So instead of thinking in terms of concurrency it would be better to think in terms of interoperability.

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What do you mean by the “UBI Application”? I couldn’t find anything connected to UBI in Libra’s site…

I mean the UBI application made by GoodDollar.

Oh, I see. Indeed the technological question of how to use an underlying blockchain is separate from the economic question of UBI. This is why in GoodDollar we have a team working on the technical side, and an economics PhD working on the financial models. However sometimes technology dictates what you can and can’t do, especially in this “brave new world”.