Almost Done... Face Recognition!

So just to notify you and keep you on track, we are very soon going to launch a version that includes live face recognition!
At the first time a person claims for G$, s.he needs to pass a one-time face recognition that tests that:

  1. This is a real, live, person
  2. The person has never enrolled before to GoodDollar Face Recognition engine.

We are integrating with Zoom (FaceTec) Technology, click the link to check out the docs.

Will be happy to hear your feedback here, or let us know if you find issues.
Also, Here is our repo, you are welcome to collaborate


Yesterday i’ve installed humaniq’s app, they also had some sort of face recognition stage in their onboarding flow…

First, you take a selfie.
After that you are displayed with a random emoji face, and you have to take another selfie while doing the face from the emoji.

I found this very friendly :slight_smile: just saying


It seems that they did a great job with Gamification over there. nice.

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Hi. I am trying to claim my share through my phone.

I am then prompted to “Quick Face Recognition”.

The process begins. I am getting at some point the following two:
Analyzing Face Recognition…
Saving Face information…

But after nothing. I do not get my share and i am going automatically back to the “Quick Face Recognition” step.

Is this normal?


Hi @KKadis, welcome to the GoodDollar Forum :slight_smile:

Thank you for your feedback on the Face Recognition process, this is very valuable to us as we’re tackling bugs and problems with this delicate complex mechanism.

We’re checking the problem you described. If you could provide some more info please - device, operating system, and whether there were proper lighting and the face was clear (e.g. sunglasses etc.).

Thanks! Welcome to the community!

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Samsung S7 edge.
Proper lighting with clear face.

Got it. Thanks for the feedback! Our engineering team is working on the problem.

How do I set up facial recognition for gooddollar?

Hi Oliver, if we understand correctly, the facial recognition process still doesn’t work for you?
If so, we are aware of general problems with the process - we’re still working to stabilize it and prevent bugs, we will let you know once a bug fix is uploaded.
Thank you for the valuable feedback! :slight_smile: